About Pink51

  • What is Pink51 about?

  • What is Pinkonomics?

    Women influence 85% of all consumer spending in the US.

    It sounds like a fancy word for quite a simple thing. Women influence 85% of all consumer spending in the US. Pink51 provides a destination where women can choose to shop with companies that support, promote, empower and value women. Pinkonomics is the female economic power that fuels our economy. We believe it can be harnessed and leveraged to support women on all levels, from daughters on the playground to moms in the boardroom, from home office to the corporate office, from the small corner store to the largest publicly traded companies.

    We believe in supporting women who start their own businesses, run companies and lead organizations

    We believe that empowering women to succeed economically will change the world for the better and that women can use their purchasing power to help other women and their communities to achieve even greater success

    We believe a small idea can grow into a big one.

  • What is a Pink Business?

    A Pink business supports, values and promotes women. The representation of women in decision making roles within the company qualifies the company as being Pink. Although you may wonder where some of these qualifications came from, many are set just over the average to encourage companies to stretch their female representation since it has been proven that more women in leadership roles within a company improve the bottom line. Now that sounds like a win-win for everyone.

  • How it Works

    All companies on Pink51 have been approved to meet our Pink business standards. You can be assured that when you shop through Pink51 and use our Pink Pages Directory, you are supporting women-owned or led businesses. We donate 10% of our profits to charities that promote girls’ and women’s economic development and leadership success.

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      Sign up for free and start supporting Pink businesses and charities with the first dollar you spend.

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      Vote for as many Pink charities as you want and know that you are making a real impact on women's and girls' economic success two times over – the dollars you spend support Pink businesses and charities that focus on empowering women and girls.

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      Shop our participating Pink businesses with purpose – your economic power can be harnessed and leveraged to support girls and women in every walk of life.

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      Witness the power of Pinkonomics. Track how your shopping directly contributes to our charities.