Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Pink51 About?

    Pink51 is about supporting women-owned or led businesses. Since women influence 85% of all consumer spending in the US, there is an opportunity to make a difference with your every day spending just by shopping through Pink51. We ensure that all businesses on our website are Pink (women-owned or led), that your shopping dollars matter in the lives of women and girls, and that our charities receive a portion of your spending so that they can continue to support women and girls’ economic development.

    We believe that empowering women to succeed economically will change the world for the better and that women can use their purchasing power to help other women and their communities to achieve even greater success.

  • Why should I sign-up on Pink51?

    You become part of the Pink51community that is growing quickly and making a difference in women’s lives. When you sign-up on Pink51 you can chose which charities you want to support the most when you shop. You also will have access to our announcements, special offers, and news.

  • Do I have to sign-up in order to shop?

    You don’t need to sign-up in order to shop. If you shop through Pink51 and don’t have an account, you are still benefiting women and girls’ economic success. By signing up, you are able to select the charities that you want to support the most. You will also be able to receive our emails with announcements, special offers, and news.

  • Why should I shop through Pink51?

    When you shop through Pink51, you are doing several things at once that you can’t do by just shopping directly with your favorite online retailer.

    Stand up and be counted. Each time you shop through Pink51, you are showing that you are intentionally using your purchasing power to support companies that promote and support women in leadership positions. You’re putting your money where your beliefs are. By going through Pink51 you are informing the companies you are shopping with that it is important to you that they continue to have women in leadership roles.

    Community. You are joining a community of women and a movement that strongly shows the world that we care about gender diversity in company leadership.

    Charities. Automatically donate to charities that support women and girls’ economic success just by shopping through Pink51. A percentage of your purchase automatically goes to our supported charities. Your vote makes a difference in who receives these donations so sign-up and vote. The more you shop, the more we contribute to these charities.

    Discover Pink retailers. We take the time to research our businesses to ensure they meet our Pink standards. Some companies may be your tried and true retailers and others you may never have heard of. Discover who is Pink by visiting Pink51.

    More benefits. The more people shop though Pink51, the stronger our voice and the services we can offer including having more retailers, offering special deals, and donating more dollars to our charities.

  • How does the charity benefit from my purchases through Pink51?

    Pink51 donates to our selected charities based on your shopping purchases. When you sign-up on Pink51 you are able to select the charities you want to support the most (you can select them all!). We base our charitable distributions on the way our shoppers vote in their profile. If you don’t sign-up and still shop through Pink51, we evenly distribute that amount across all 4 of our charities.

  • Why aren’t there more charities on Pink51?

    We want to make a HUGE impact on the charities we support and partner with. By limiting the number of charities, we are able to donate larger amounts to each one. This also strengthens our partnership with them because we’re able to help them in a bigger way.

  • What is a Pink business?

    To be considered a Pink business, you must meet one of the three requirements:

    Be at least 50% owned by a woman OR
    Have a woman board membership of 20% of more OR
    Have a woman CEO or a minimum of 2 female senior level executives

  • Do I have to start at Pink51 each time I want to shop one of their retailers? Can’t I go directly to that retailer’s website?

    If you begin your shopping on Pink51, you are telling that retailer that you care about supporting women in leadership positions. That retailer will see the traffic coming from Pink51 and realize we are an important community that makes a difference to their business. If you go directly to their website (and not through Pink51), you can’t be counted. That retailer doesn’t realize that you care about women in leadership within their business.

  • How can I get my business listed on Pink51?

    To get your business listed on Pink51, please fill out of business sign-up form. If you have a service business (brick & mortar, service, non-profit, etc.) you will be listed in our Pink Pages Directory. If you are an online retailer, you will be given further instructions to connect our sites.