• Your Pink51 Guide to Holiday Entertaining

    Your Pink51 Guide to Holiday Entertaining

    (By Ann Quasarano) If the thought of holiday entertaining leaves you more frazzled than festive, you’ve come to the right place. We realize that not everyone has the party planning skills of a domestic diva, so we gathered our best tips for hosting a successful soiree – from creating a DIY cocktail bar to setting […]

  • Put A Ring On It!

    Put A Ring On It!

    (By Ann Quasarano) First there were statement necklaces, then there were armloads of bangles, but we’re sensing that the next big jewelry trend will soon be at our fingertips! Rings in all their iterations are on our radar this season. Big and bold or delicately dainty, they’re oh-so modern and playfully pretty. Ahead, feast your […]

  • 13 Wickedly Sweet Halloween Treats

    13 Wickedly Sweet Halloween Treats

    (By Ann Quasarano) We’ll be the first to admit that sinking our fangs into bucket loads of gooey treats is our favorite part of the holiday. But as we’ve matured, our palates have become ever-so-slightly more sophisticated – let’s just say that candy corn isn’t cutting it anymore! At Pink51, we’re indulging in all sorts […]

  • 2014’s Hottest Halloween Costumes

    2014’s Hottest Halloween Costumes

    (By Ann Quasarano) Each year our Pink51 partners at Costume Craze look into their crystal ball and predict the season’s hottest Halloween costumes for kids, adults, and even your pet! What’s trending this season? Costumes inspired by the year’s most popular film characters; the cast of Frozen, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Maleficent, and Captain […]

  • Clothes Make The Man

    Clothes Make The Man

    (By Ann Quasarano) “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” Although your guy may not want to hear it, Mark Twain’s famous quote is just as relevant today as it was a century ago. While his favorite broken-in jeans and washed out tee might be the most comfortable option, […]

  • 10 Boots to Kick Off Fall

    10 Boots to Kick Off Fall

    (By Ann Quasarano) What’s the best thing about the end of summer? Zipping up a pair of crazy, sexy, cool boots, of course! From fashion forward booties to thigh-high stunners that scream “look at me!” a pair of beautifully crafted boots can instill instant confidence and transform your look in a heartbeat. It’s hard to […]

  • Why the Pink movement needs you

    Why the Pink movement needs you

    (By Ann Lawrence) Women make 85% of online shopping decisions. But when you point and click at a website, the retailer doesn’t know who you are or what matters to you. Research and practice shows that companies are absolutely willing to change their behavior and practices if they think it matters to their consumers. We […]