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Funding Her Big Dreams for Her Small Business

MoolaHoop is a rewards-based crowdfunding platform designed to help women with small businesses reward themselves and their customers. Created by women, MoolaHoop enables women entrepreneurs to garner financial support to grow their businesses.

MoolaHoop was developed to help narrow the gap in funding available to women entrepreneurs. Women-owned businesses represent almost 30% of new startups in the U.S., yet receive just 5% of all venture capital and 12% of all institutional debt. As a result, they are smaller from the onset and grow more slowly. But what if that wasn’t the case? Then, women entrepreneurs could make their ideas grow faster, bigger and hit the ground running.

MoolaHoop aims to help women fund the great ideas of tomorrow, today, by engaging their existing and potential customers and leveraging their social and professional networks. MoolaHoop plans to provide a complete circle of business services, resources and partnerships.

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Mission Statement

Businesses primarily owned or led by women comprise about 30% of the startups in the U.S. Businesses in this category are growing at a faster rate--about twice the overall startup rate year over year--than male-owned and led businesses. Yet, women receive only 5% of venture capital funding and just 12% of institutional lending. As a consequence, women businesses are smaller at the onset and grow more slowly than most other startups.

The economic impact that women-owned businesses represent is enormous. MoolaHoop's core mission is to improve access to capital for women entrepreneurs, helping them attract debt-free funding while building a strong base of supporters for their new venture.