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Helen Fernandez’ story is woven with the very essence of the American dream. A single parent, raising 3 daughters, working full time, managed to create a product and spread the word, not through the internet, but by sheer tenacity and drive. Our Mom, Helen Fernandez, created CMS Collagen Moisturizer Spray out of personal necessity. Years of being outdoors, swimming and teaching adults and children how to swim, left her skin feeling dry, itchy, and diminished of all moisture and suppleness. Working with a chemist, Helen came up with the idea of spraying the very ingredients that would keep one’s skin moist throughout the day. After years of painstaking testing and evaluation, CMS Collagen Moisturizer Spray was born. Helen has since passed away and due to the demands of her loyal followers, the sisters and granddaughter, have resurrected CMS Collagen Moisturizer Spray to make it available to the public once again. Thank you, Helen (Mom) your legacy lives on.