The YWCA Santa Monica / Westside has been serving the greater Westside community since 1926. Our Vision is for the YWCA to be recognized as the premier women’s growth and development organization, inspiring and sustaining a community in which women and girls learn to achieve their personal goals and contribute to the public good. Our Mission is to empower women and girls by creating opportunities for growth, progress and success. Our Programs – including early childhood development; K-12 life skills, literacy and athletics; transitional housing and education; young adult networking and career-building; parent support; and personal and professional renewal – instill confidence, capability and effectiveness in women and girls across the life cycle within a supportive, encouraging environment.

By design, YWCA Cycle of Life programs support and enrich the whole woman from conception through later years, by providing strategic programs and projects that are woven together, collaboratively and cooperatively, into a meaningful whole. The intent is for our members to be beneficiaries of a full and integrated scope of opportunities that address the overarching needs and dreams of each participating woman and girl at every life stage, from birth through retirement and beyond.