Talk About Pink Business: Magi Raible


Magi Raible, President & Creative Director, LifeGear Design

Twitter: @LiteGearBags
Facebook: /LiteGeartravelbags
LinkedIn: LifeGear Design, Inc.
Instagram: @litegearbags

    1. What piece of advice can you give to women just starting their own business?
      Make sure it’s a business that you have experience in. Create a professional and personal support team. It’s important to have a couple of objective people (preferably a women) to act as mentors – to share challenges with and get advice from. And it’s important to have a couple of personal people that can share in celebrating your successes, can be empathetic and encouraging during challenges.
    2. What has been the key to your success?
      Passion, perseverance, networking and determination. I also have an amazing team and support system personally and professionally.
    3. Please tell us about a woman that inspires you.
      There are so many, but the first woman that truly inspired me was my grandmother. She was single when I was growing up, had an apartment in the city, belonged to the professional and business women’s association and had her own business as a designer/tailor/dressmaker in the 1950’s – 1960’s. She taught me to be strong, independent and have a good sense of humor.
    4. How many hours do you work a week?
      Too many! Haha. About 60 hours working but it seems that I’m thinking about my business most of the time.
    5. What are some ways that you manage your work life balance?
      I make it a priority to be home for dinner with my family. Mornings are my time – I get up early and try to have at least one hour to think, pray, exercise – whatever I need at that moment to rejuvenate myself. And we try to arrange at least one get-together with friends every week – It’s such a great distraction and it’s so important to have a little fun as often as possible.
    6. What does career happiness mean to you?
      My happiness comes from making a positive difference in this world through creating jobs, creating great products, creating a fun and inspiring place to work.
    7. What percentage of your shopping do you do online?
      About 50%.
    8. How do you stay motivated when you’re not feeling so inspired?
      Reminding myself why I’m doing this, of the successes I have had and what the end-goal is. A lot of self-talk.
    9. What’s a dream you currently have for your business?
      Growing sales beyond North America – I see LiteGear™ as a global travel brand.
    10. How do you give back?
      I’m very committed to small local charities – such as local foster children, outdoor groups that get inner city kids out doors, and programs that protect and support local public parks. I also donate a lot of small bags to orphans and lepers in India at least once a year to keep their personal things in – they usually use plastic bags that they find in the street or trash. A friend of mine goes to India at least twice a year to take supplies – This year we sent about 200 toiletry kits to match up with donations of tooth brushes, tooth paste and washcloths – basics that these people don’t have. I’ve attached a photo – I never use these for PR because that’s not why I do this, but thought it would be fun to share with you.

    11. Any special sales or offerings coming up that you would like the Pink51 community to know about?
      15% for two months running June 15-Aug 14 use code 15Pink51

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  1. This is just so great Magi, and so inspiring! You are a great Role Model for so many and I’m proud to have known you for so long and be around to see your accomplishments! Sadie

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