Talk About Pink Business: Tricia Kim & Amy Chao

(By Amy Lombardo)

Tricia Kim & Amy Chao, Nagicia Jewellery and Handbags

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Tricia Kim Bio:

Founder Korean-American Tricia Kim moved from the big apple to the tropical isle of Bali to work for John Hardy in 1997. Enchanted by the vibrant cultural beauty and talented artisans of Bali, she stayed on to begin her own jewelry business. The Nagicia brand is sold in several countries and has been seen on the red carpet, and in numerous print and online media.

Amy Chao Bio:

In 2013 Tricia met Amy Chao surfing in Bali. Chinese-American from Philly-NYC, Amy was traveling the world inspired by wanderlust and waves after a decade in the handbag business for the likes of Kathy Van Zeeland and Nine West. Together they are branching out with lux, edgy handbags featuring the jewel quality symbols that make the Nagicia brand stand out.

Photo: Amy and Tricia at Blue Print in Singapore- 1st tradeshow we attended together in May 2013

1. What piece of advice can you give to women just starting their own business?

Tricia: Follow your passions, but make sure you do your research first, and have the resources to line up key players.

Amy: Follow your passion in life with big picture goals to help as your road map, and don’t be afraid to try along that journey. It’s not failure if you learn and grow from your experience.

2. What has been the key to your success?

Tricia: Perseverance

Amy: Desire to constantly learn with can do attitude. Still working towards success as an entrepreneur.

3. Please tell us about a woman that inspires you.

Tricia: So many! I surround myself with inspiring women.

Amy: Ladies I’ve worked with who took the leap with their own business such as Kathy of Kathy Van Zeeland handbags who is my mentor and Mary of Mary Lai handbags who is an amazing rising star and inspiration. Mai of Q.HEART, who build her resort wear brand, also on Pink 51, from her dream on a beach in Bali. Tricia whom I have tremendous respect for making Nagicia a go as a 1 woman show since 2001.

4. How many hours do you work a week?

Tricia: As much as needed, including weekends and evenings.

Amy: As needed each week to get through the to do lists with some evenings and weekends. Sometimes it’s harder to switch off when you work for yourself, and to keep up on social media for a brand on Bali and US time while based in the UK.

5. What are some ways that you manage your work life balance?

Tricia: Making the time for family and friends can be difficult, but it is more important than work, must keep that in mind and make the time for fun interactive quality time.

Amy: Balance is something I value and constantly strive for in all areas of life. I got into surf in Bali and love the lifestyle of physical well-being and mental zen water connection, which is hard to maintain away from beach living now. Having quality time with family and friends is always a priority. Detach from your phone when having that face time- be really present.

6. What does career happiness mean to you?

Tricia: Fulfilling my creative needs and hoping the rest will follow.

Amy: Following my passion and being able to share creative energy, and bring joy to others through what I do whether it’s a product or service.

7. What percentage of your shopping do you do online?

Tricia: 35%

Amy: probably 80% when I lived in NY, as everything is so easily accessible online and delivered right to your door including groceries for a busy travel filled work schedule. Bali was the complete opposite where I rarely shopped online. Now in the UK I’m starting to enjoy the convenience again- maybe 20%.

8. Your business is a partnership. Any tips for how to work successfully as partners?

Tricia: Clear communication is key, and shared goals.

Amy: Shared vision and clear big picture goals, open communication, and mutual respect.

9. How do you give back?

Tricia: Involvement with the Rotary Club of Bali Canggu, supporting the local community. ByeByePlastic bags….

Amy: Currently our Bag-4-A-Bag project which you can read about here. Surfrider Foundation is a great protector of the ocean and beaches, which means the world to me as a surfer.

10. Any special sales or offerings coming up that you would like the Pink51 community to know about?

We will be offering our valued Nagicia circle a special thank you discount for the Thanksgiving holiday. We welcome those new to the brand to join via our newsletter sign up at

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